Even so in Greece hearts will beat more fastly while smelling and tasting the freshly baked gkofreta with caramel syrop. The owner of Damaris Waffle has his roots in Athens. That he has a daughter called Damaris is no coinsidence. She is named after a very special lady from the Word of God.

Damaris a classy lady who lived in the center of Athens almost 2000 years ago, during the time of the apostol Paul.  She attached great importance to truth, purity and authenticity. She understood that all the good things in this world are given through the Creator of heaven and earth. There is nothing new under the sun. There where people still add or omit matters in every day life, Damaris choose to go for the pure truth. And for nothing but the truth!

Surrounded by her fellow citizens Damaris acknowledged that 'The Unknown God' from her city is the creating God and that His only born Son as our Saviour was not made up by people’s mind. She loudly declared ‘ yes ' to this truth. She had choosen the best that people can choose in a life time. Her life got a purpose and steep content.

That’s the exact same philosophy that our company adheres to Damaris Waffle. Our foundation is located in this truth. Our life story with Damaris Waffle is pure. Pure nature as God gives it to us. Tasting our gkofreta you will understand that we can do nothing else than to offer you this.

Few words on Damaris...

We distinguish ourselves by the freshness, half-timbered and purity of ingredients and finished products. The quality is guaranteed by the purchase of the best local products in combination with our own baking process. Tasting each of our fresh products is always and everywhere a moment of veritable feast.