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At Damaris Waffle it is not easy to make up your mind what to order. Both the waffles as well as the waffle-jars are nothing to sneeze at. You recognize instantly the pure taste and the wonderful scent of freshly baked both the large and smaller syrup waffles. This delicious waffles earn a special place on the table. You can keep them very well in a special syrup waffle-jar. The authentic looks of syrup waffles-jars are a feast for the eyes. In addition, these jars filled up with tasty waffles will be a beautiful gift. For yourself and for the people you dearly love.

Medium Waffles – Small Waffles – Retro Waffle Jar

Customer's notice: products bought through the e-shop of Gkofreta Damaris are charged with shipment delivery costs according to method of Delivery. Available choices of delivery are regular Hellenic Post (ELTA) and ELTA Courier. Shipment delivery costs are calculated upon total weight of products ordered and shown in the cart when placing the order.

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Original Dutch Waffles

Sales price: 30,45 €
Sales price without tax: 21,73 €
Tax amount: 8,72 €
Sales price: 25,93 €
Sales price without tax: 18,51 €
Tax amount: 7,43 €
Sales price: 21,41 €
Sales price without tax: 15,28 €
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Sales price: 16,89 €
Sales price without tax: 12,06 €
Tax amount: 4,84 €
Sales price: 25,93 €
Sales price without tax: 18,51 €
Tax amount: 7,43 €

Few words on Damaris...

We distinguish ourselves by the freshness, half-timbered and purity of ingredients and finished products. The quality is guaranteed by the purchase of the best local products in combination with our own baking process. Tasting each of our fresh products is always and everywhere a moment of veritable feast.